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“I absolutely love the work I got done here and truly felt more comfortable here than any other tattoo shop I have been to. Trust me when I say this is the shop you want to go to.” -Monica Chavez



Kat has been tattooing for over 7 years and opened her own parlor, La Belladonna, in August of 2022. She was born in Portland and now lives in Idaho Falls with her husband and daughter. 

Her favorite style to tattoo is neo-traditional, and specializes in black and grey realism and watercolor. 

She is also sponsored by King Grip



Janeice (Jay) gained piercing experience over 10 years ago and provides hollow needle piercings at La Belladonna, specializing in constellation piercings.


Tattoo Apprentice  

Elaya has dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist since she was 8. She has an artistic background and began her apprenticeship in April. She is planning to tattoo all styles and be versatile, and her speciality is cottage core.

Requests are open for practice tattoos. Send an email and check our her flash sheet.

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